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Pre-Divorce Counselling

For couples married under 2 years and looking to divorce, you will be seen by a competent and qualified counsellor

Counselling Certificate Required For Divorce

All information below can be found here including the certificate required for completion by the Counsellor:

Before applying for a divorce, couples who have been married for less than two years, must attend an appointment together with a Counsellor to discuss the possibility of reconciliation (Family Law Act 1975, Section 44[1B]).  Whilst this law may seem like another hoop to jump through in the long process of divorce, it does exist in the best interest of the newly married couple.  Couples should take advantage of the opportunity to explore their issues and improve their communication. Even if the divorce proceeds, the counselling experience can facilitate an amicable separation.  At the end of this session, if reconciliation is not an option, the Certificate will be completed by the Counsellor.

Undergoing counselling during the divorce process can also be beneficial at an individual level. Divorce can sometimes trigger feelings of guilt, grief, depression and anxiety, and counselling may help the individual to better cope with the difficulties of divorce.  


Debra offers both couples counselling and individual counselling to help you through what is often a difficult and challenging time.

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