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Do You Still Date Your Partner?

Not many would disagree that 2020 has got off to a strange start and caused a bit of havoc in our lives, for many, a lot of havoc!  For those in relationships, it has meant spending more time than usual together - or not the right kind of time with one another. Either of these scenarios can cause some discontent and even disconnect, especially for those who were already struggling before Covid-19.  It's even more important, at a time like this, to look at the the time you are spending with one another and making sure that there is quality time with one another being included. 

But how you might ask?  With restrictions and social distancing, 'date night' might seem difficult to achieve but while it might not look the way it used to, 'date night' is just as important as it ever was.   So what is a date?  What might that look like to you?  And what about to your partner?  Coming up with some suggestions together is a great way to start, making a list of what you will enjoy doing together.  And how about some boundaries for that night?  Do you need to agree to not look at your phones while you are together?  Do you need to come up with some topics of conversation that are taboo, such as work or finances?   Before you start the 'date' make sure to put everything aside, including in your mind, and set your full intention and attention on your partner to enjoy their presence for that moment in time. 

If you are restricted due to Covid, finances or children and can't get out to enjoy a 'date night', why not enjoy one at home (once the children are tucked away for the night, of course).  Here are a few ideas to help you along the way:

  1. Light some candles and give each other a massage

  2. Karaoke night—stream karaoke videos on YouTube and sing along.

  3. Watch each other’s favorite movie with a tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream to share

  4. Play a board game like Pictionary or Charades (or one you each love)

  5. Cook a meal together and eat by candlelight

  6. Put on your favourite music and dance with one another

Date night is a necessity so, unless there is an emergency, make it something you need to set aside time to do, just as you would any special event.  It is a time for you to honor your relationship so even if it's just for an hour, show up no matter what. 

If you'd like to find out more about how to improve your relationship, please get in touch. I have a particular interest in providing couples counselling, and sessions are available in person if you are located in the Redlands, or online counselling if you live further afield.


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