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Anchor Your Life Counselling - Debra Bra



                                                                                       COUPLES COUNSELLING                                                                                                              

Gottman Couples Therapy:                                                                                                        

Gottman is built on research of over 3000 couples of all types which shows that negativity makes a big impact on the brain and unless couples take steps to counteract this negative behaviour, they will grow apart emotionally. Research has found that there are four main predictors that contribute towards the breakdown of a marriage by up to 90% and that 69% of relationships will deal with the same issues.  The therapy helps to identify and address the thoughts and behaviours occurring in relationships thus helping partners maintain a positive response to one another that can sustain them in upsetting circumstances. Individual perspectives are addressed and most sessions are conducted with both partners together. Therapists do not keep secrets among partners.  Distressed couples who may benefit from Gottman include those where one or both partners struggle with communication, conflict, control, blame, defensiveness, anger or shutting down in the relationship.  

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy:

EFT therapy has been found through research studies that 70-75% of couples undergoing this therapy have successfully moved from distress to recovery, and approximately 90% have shown significant improvements. This recovery is also quite stable and lasting, with little evidence of relapse back into distress.  The process reduces couples’ conflict while creating a more secure emotional bond. Couples learn to express deep, underlying emotions from a place of vulnerability and ask for their needs to be met.  Couples learn to be emotionally available, empathetic and engaged with each other, strengthening the attachment bond and safe haven between them. The distressed couples who may benefit from EFT include those where one or both partners suffer from depression, addiction, post-traumatic stress disorders, and chronic illness, among other disorders. EFT has proven to be a powerful approach for couples dealing with infidelity or other more traumatic incidents, both current and past.



Cognitive Behaviour Therapy:


CBT is designed to help a person change the negative thoughts and behaviours they are having about themselves or their situation which is contributing to the development and/or maintenance of a problem and helps to change these to ones that are more positive and constructive. The learning and coping skills obtained through CBT equips someone to deal with what they were previously unable to. CBT is derived from research and is designed to treat anxiety & panic attacks, depression, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobias, chronic illnesses, grief & loss and post traumatic stress disorder.

Cognitive Processing Therapy:


CPT looks at the impact a traumatic event has had on one’s life and helps examine and change unhelpful thoughts and feelings related to the event, one’s self, others, and the world. An important part of treatment is addressing ways of thinking that might keep an individual “stuck” and get in the way of recovery from symptoms of PTSD and other problems.  CPT is effective in treating PTSD across a variety of populations and types of trauma.  CPT has worked well for individuals who have experienced combat, sexual, or childhood trauma, as well as other types of traumatic events.  It is a recovery focused therapy and helps to improve not just PTSD but also any associated symptoms clients may have (such as depression, anxiety, guilt, or shame) as well as aiming to improve their day to-day living.


Acceptance & Commitment Therapy:

ACT is a behavioural therapy as it's all about taking action that is guided by your core values which means behaving like the person you want to be and living the type of life you want to live. It gets you in touch with what really matters in the bigger picture during your brief time on earth as you use your values to guide, motivate and inspire how you do what you do. It's also about being fully aware and open to what you are experiencing as you engage in the present moment. ACT is designed to help with all concerns and particularly in areas such as chronic or terminal illnesses, grief & loss and trauma. 

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