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Debra Braganca from Anchoring Your Life Counselling

My name is Debra Bragança and I am the Founder of Anchoring Your Life Counselling, a Private Practice located in a suburban area in Cleveland, Redlands.  Here you will find the service is personal and your privacy is a priority.


I am originally from South Africa and after spending a few years in the beautiful, picturesque country of New Zealand, my family made our way to the stunning sunny skies of Australia where we now call home. 

Why Life Counselling?


My decision to become a therapist was made a few years after working through my own traumatic life events and I decided then that my purpose was to help others transform their lives by walking alongside them in their journey to improving their quality of life. 


As a result of the many adversities I have faced throughout my life, I realised that while I could not control what life gave me, I could control what I did with that and so I am passionate about helping you do the same both within your own life and in your relationships. 


My wealth of life experience, which includes my marriage of more than 20 years, combined with my qualifications and training, enables me to meet you where you are at as we take each step together towards helping you live life to your full potential.

Anchoring Your Life Counselling is a professional and accredited practice providing all clients with a caring and supportive environment.  Here you will develop self-awareness of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours as you also learn to recognise and build on your inner strengths. 


With the support of a professionally trained Counselor you will develop the skills to live a healthier and more balanced life, thereby bettering your overall general well-being and improve your communication and connection within your marriage and relationships.

Through the use of evidence-based and solution focused therapies, that are integrated to suit your needs, we will work together for you to be empowered to affect change within yourself.  This is when lasting results occur. 


I am a registered member of the Australian Counselling Association and in order to meet the requirements of the Association each year, I undertake ongoing professional development on a regular basis and I receive regular supervision from a Clinical Counsellor.  


Finalist for the Redland Bar Awards (Redland Business & Retail Awards) 2020 in the Professional Services Category

Anchoring Your Life Counselling is a member of AIPC
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