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Cleveland, Brisbane, Australia


Relationship Counselling - Face to Face & Online

If you are feeling neglected, unheard, resentful, controlled or there are frequent disagreements, emotional disconnect or lack of intimacy in your relationship or marriage then Relationship Counselling can help you to:

Recognise and take responsibility for your emotions and responses towards one another to develop healthier outcomes.


Develop a new way of communicating with openness and honesty which ensures feelings are heard, validated and responded to while building trust. 


Resolve problems through compromise and flexibility ensuring a win-win situation for all.

If the marriage is over to end it amicably with dignity and respect.


Face to Face or Online

It is understandable that you may feel a little nervous about our first counselling session but you will both be made to feel at ease from the minute we meet.  My aim is to ensure you are both comfortable and for you to know that whatever you need to share or however you need to feel that you are in a safe and non-judgemental place to do so.


Your first session will be a time for us to go through our privacy agreement, to get to know one another, to find out more about your individual concerns and what you are both hoping to achieve from our sessions together.  I will explain the evidence based therapy I use in counselling and how this can benefit your relationship.

The overall number of sessions needed is different for every couple.

Initial session is 75-90 minutes

Each session thereafter is 50-60 minutes

Relationship Counselling can take place Face to Face in Cleveland in the Redlands or it can take place online through a secure platform called Zoom.

The benefits of online counselling clients have found are:


Costs are less as there is no travel time involved for you meaning less costs for fuel and no child minding fees.

More flexibility with appointment times to suit your schedule.  Book a time during the day, during a lunch break together or after hours when you get home from work.  No additional travelling to and from sessions required.


The safety and comfort of your own home often provides clients with the ability to lower defences and open up more quickly enabling healing to take place at a faster rate.

You choose a therapist based on the right fit for you rather than the one that is closest to you.  The right fit means a more successful session.