Relationship Counselling

Marriage Counselling Brisbane Bayside

Are you experiencing any of these? 

Feeling alone and emotionally disconnected?

Having the same arguments over and over again?

Feeling like you can't move on from the hurt of the past?

Feeling unsupported and they don't have your back?

Feeling unappreciated and unloved?

Constantly hurting one another when you argue?

Feeling like you're not being heard or understood?

Marriage Counselling Brisbane Bayside

How Does Couples Counselling Help?

Marriage counselling Redlands

Supporting you both to understand how you get stuck in negative communication cycles and how to break the pattern.

Helping you to slow down your interactions in conflict situations so that you can both learn to understand how you both get triggered, how to make sense of what you are feeling and how to move through these situations in a better way whilst supporting yourself and your partner.

Helping you address the underlying issues that cause conflict and disconnection.  Anger is a primary emotion and often used as a form of self-defense and protection.  When you can express your vulnerabilities in safe way, it allows you to connect on a deeper level with your partner.

Providing you with a supportive space where you can discuss your concerns in a more productive way while also being gently challenged to ensure you are getting the most out of your sessions.

Offering you a gentle way of recognising and taking responsibility for your emotions and responses to one another so that you can develop healthier outcomes through new a means of communicating.


Allowing your feelings to be heard, validated and responded to which in turn builds empathy and trust so that each partner can move towards answering the question 'are you there for me?' with a resounding yes.

Providing you with the opportunity to end the marriage amicably, with dignity and respect, if this is the decision that has been reached.  (If married for less than two years you can attain a counselling certificate required for divorce)

The Science of Love: Why The Gottman Method Works

Based on 40+ years of relationship research with over 3,000 couples, the Gottman Method combines scientific assessment with proven therapies to provide effective treatment to couples, helping you build stronger, happier and more resilient relationships.


Over four decades ago, Dr. John Gottman set out to understand love through the lens of science.  He measured the behaviour, perception, and physiology of couples over time in his research lab (dubbed the “Love Lab”) at the University of Washington. Using the data collected, he was able to create equations for love and discern the mathematical dynamics of a relationship.

Surprisingly, even to him, he was able to predict with over 90% accuracy whether couples would stay together or break up.

The Gottman Method is one of, if not the most, research-based methodology for couples therapy internationally.  Studies using randomised clinical trials have been published in the Journal of Family Therapy and the Journal of Family Psychology endorsing the effectiveness of the Gottman Method.

The Gottman Institute is also in the process of conducting additional research to prove the efficacy of the therapy method.

The goals of the Gottman Therapy are clear and specific:


  1.   Increasing connection and friendship,

  2.   Addressing conflict constructively and reducing negative interaction,

  3.   Building a life of shared meaning together.

Marriage Counselling Redlands


When considering couples counselling you might ask, "is it worth it?".  This question is usually filled with reservations about the cost involved, the time and the effort and at the end of the day wondering if all these factors are going to be worth the outcome.  Well, there really are no guarantees, but, what I can tell you is what we do know, which is that:

  • Couples who want to stay together, are willing to do the work and are committed to counselling sessions have an 84% chance of success.

  • The average couple waits 6 years after problems start before seeking help for marital problems.  The longer you wait the longer therapy can take as problems become more engrained.

  • 69% of problems in relationships are perpetual, that is, they are related to differences in personality, values, etc.  Learning how to communicate about these problems is key.

  • For genuine change to occur, it typically takes 12 to 20 sessions over a 12 to 18 month timeframe.  This, however, can vary depending on the factors involved such as levels of engagement in therapy, infidelity, trauma, etc.

  • The cost of therapy far outweighs the emotional and financial cost of separation and divorce.

Sessions offered are 50-60 or 75-90 minutes, however, 75-90 minutes is usually required for your initial session.  

Marriage Counselling Redlands

The commitment to couples therapy is significant

but there is not much that impacts your quality of life more than the feelings of safety and supportiveness

you get from a loving relationship with your partner.

Counselling can take place in person in Cleveland or online


"After not wearing my wedding rings for 9 months I have now put them back on.  I am very happy with the outcome of attending counselling sessions"

"Counselling has given me the strategies to learn how to have a better relationship that means I now feel so much more content and respected both of myself and by my partner."

"I look forward to our conversations now, they have been awesome and I feel like my opinion is respected."

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