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Couples & Marriage Counselling Redlands
Relationship counselling can help you to reconnect again

Relationship Counselling Redlands

Does any of this sound familiar for you?

  • Feeling alone and disconnected

  • Not feeling heard or understood

  • Poor conflict and communication

  • Holding on to resentment

  • Feeling unsupported, unappreciated and unloved

  • Going through an affair/s and betrayal/s

  • Difficulty managing external stressors

  • Temporary or permanent separation

Whether your relationship is in crisis and needing to repair through building effective communication or if you are looking to enhance it, couples counselling can help and is one of the areas of expertise at Anchoring Your Life Counselling. 

Relationship Counselling
Gottman Relationship Therapy

Gottman Therapy Brisbane

The primary method of approach used is Gottman Method Couples Therapy, an evidence-based modality based on over 40 years of research into what makes relationships succeed or fail and is suitable for all couples.  The goals of Gottman Method Couples Therapy help to:

  • Increase connection and friendship

  • Build a life of shared meaning together

  • Help build stronger, happier and more resilient relationships​

  • Address conflict constructively and reduce negative interactions

Gottman Method Couples Therapy ensures that sessions are structured and focused working through issues rather than just venting about them.  Research has shown that relationship counselling is most effective when treatment is undertaken as frequently as possible. As such, couples are encouraged to attend counselling on a regular basis to gain the most benefit from the treatment. 

Sessions offered face to face in Redlands or online Australia-wide.

Statistics for relationships and relationship counselling:

  • 84% of couples who want to stay together, are willing to do the work and are committed to engaging in counselling sessions, are successful.

  • 86% of couples who are committed to their relationship and attend therapy for affair recovery successfully repair their marriage.

  • 69% of problems in relationships are perpetual, ie, they are related to differences in personality, values, etc.  Learning how to communicate is key.

  • The cost of therapy far outweighs the emotional and financial cost of separation and divorce.

Areas of Interest

Do you know your communication style?

What Clients Are Saying


"We've been really connecting with out conversations as they are now so much deeper and more meaningful.  We have also found we are more willing to open up because we are both feeling heard and understood rather than when we were just projecting our feelings onto each other.

We've come such a long way already and we feel so much closer to one another"

Mick & Marlene, Married

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