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Not ready to try counselling just yet.  The Relationship Assessment is a great step for those couples wanting to work on their relationship but not yet ready for therapy.  So, what does it entail?

This process is based on the same Gottman Method used in therapy, which has been developed from over 40 years of research by Dr John Gottman and relies on intensive, detailed and evidence-based information on what makes relationships successful.  


The assessment process consists of three online sessions and an online questionnaire of approximately 337 questions covering everything from your relationships friendship, intimacy, emotions, conflict, values to trust and more which, together with your online sessions, your therapist will review and determine a treatment plan specific to your relationships needs.  A final fourth online session will include professional feedback about the overall health of your relationship and some tools and resources, targeted to your main goals, that you can put in place immediately to start improving the health of your relationship.  

  • Online questionnaire completed, separately and confidentially

  • Joint 75-90min online session related to the history of your relationship

  • Two individual 45-60min online sessions related to your personal histories

  • Joint 90min online session to receive professional feedback, tools and resources

  • Email including a report of the strengths and challenges of your relationship and the recommendations discussed for you to put into practice.

Payment Options:

  1. Credit Card

  2. Direct Transfer

  3. PayPal (four fortnightly instalments available)​

Please note this is not suitable for couples experiencing DV, addictions or infidelity

These circumstances require specialised counselling, please contact me in this instance to find out how I can support you.

Relationship Assessment
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Marriage & Couples Relationship Assessment

Marriage or couples relationship assessment can help you to make a quick start on improving the health of your relationship

What Clients Are Saying


"Thanks for all your help Debra.


I was surprised at how much the results resonated with me and am looking forward to utilising the tools you provided. Seeing the strengths was just as useful as identifying the struggles.

I feel much more confident knowing we have the Gottman strategies to follow.


If we need couples counselling in the future, we would be happy to do this with you.


Many thanks for your ability to hear both of our experiences and help us to work through our issues."

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