Skype Counselling FAQ's

If you have been searching for skype counselling or other online counselling options, Anchoring Your Life Counselling is here to help.

Understandably, you may have a few questions about online therapy especially if you have never participated in it previously so this page aims to help answer some of those and alleviate any concerns about the effectiveness or connection between yourself and your Therapist.

If you have any further questions about online therapy (which many people refer to as skype counselling), please do not hesitate to get in contact with Debra directly.

skype counselling

Frequently asked questions

Isn't some of the face to face connection lost?

No. The advancement of video conferencing through technology has come so far that, in conjunction with a skilled Therapist, clients are made to feel as though they are in the room with their Therapist.

Does skype counselling work?

Most definitely, a resounding yes! This has been proven with over 30 years of research showing online counselling to be just as effective as face to face and often healing is faster due to clients feeling safe enough within their own surroundings to let their guard down sooner and speak more openly.

Is online counselling equally effective for couples as for individuals?

Yes, absolutely! Couples have found the convenience more suitable as they can work around work and family commitments without incurring further travel times or child minding costs. A skilled Therapist will ensure you are set up correctly and working together as you would in a face to face session for maximum benefit.

Is online counselling safe & secure?

Yes. We use a safe and secure platform that encrypts the video between users. Your session is 100% confidential and only heard by the Therapist and clients in the session.

What do I need to attend an online counselling session?

All you will need is a laptop/computer, iPad or smartphone with a good Wifi/internet connection.

How does the online session work?

Once you have booked your session either online through our booking system or directly with your Therapist, you will be emailed the details and the link to attend the session on the day. All the steps to follow will be sent to you and your Therapist will be there to help you along the way, should you need assistance. Get in touch to book a skype counselling session today!