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Online Relationship Counselling Australia

Online marriage counselling or online couples counselling can help you to create a healthy, loving relationship again without having to travel anywhere

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The Benefits of Online Couples Counselling

In online couples counselling, the therapist and couple meet in an online meeting room to conduct therapy.


Because couples counselling is about the couple's relationship rather than the two individuals, it is very much suited to online delivery.

The benefits of this type of counselling include:


Finding the right fit - Choosing the right therapist for you rather than the therapist closest to you is important to the success of the counselling process.  

Distance - It is very much suited to situations where the couple travels, have temporarily split, or for those in long-distance relationships such as FIFO.

Comfort - By being able to remain in your own home where you are likely to feel more comfortable and relaxed. 

Access - Life is busy and your diary is probably already filled with countless other family and work commitments. Online couples counselling alleviates some of that stress and can be more easily included in your already busy schedule by accessing it remotely. It also removes the potential barrier of trying to arrange babysitting or childcare. 

Cost-saving - Online couples counselling provides the added bonus of removing transportation costs such as petrol and parking.

Privacy - Many couples worry that they may be seen attending counselling or may even see someone they know. Online couples counselling eliminates those concerns.

How Can I Help You in Couples Counselling?

Feeling unheard, unsupported, alone, unappreciated, misunderstood and unloved are just a few of the very common issues that lead to couples emotionally disconnecting but couples counselling can help you to break the negative patterns.


Relationships have come under considerable pressure over the last couple of years as they have faced the additional challenges of ad-hoc living arrangements brought on by an unexpected pandemic that has rocked daily routines and stability.  When you combine all this with work, financial stresses, and limited social interaction, it is not surprising to learn that around 42% of couples reported experiencing a negative change in their relationship with their partner.


This is why at Anchoring Your Life Counselling, online couples counselling is an area I am experienced in. While I am based in the Redlands on Brisbane’s southside, you can access professional and caring counselling support no matter where you are in Australia.

The focus of my therapy is on the Gottman Method Couples counselling.  Why?  It is one of, if not the most, research-based methodology for couple’s therapy.  


Gottman Couples Relationship Therapy is a very effective approach that combines scientific assessment with proven therapies.  You and your partner will engage in meaningful conversations that change negative interactions and help to create a deeper understanding of each others perspectives and needs.  Gottman Therapy helps to heal the past, connect in the present and create a  positive future.


Gottman Therapy can be used during all stages of a relationship and is particularly helpful for any couple struggling with difficulties such as:







However, you don’t have to be experiencing problems to benefit from online couples counselling. All relationships are a work in progress and counselling with a Gottman-trained counsellor is a great idea if you want to break through barriers to build connection and intimacy. 

Learn more about Couples Counselling and the Gottman Method

Not sure if you're ready for counselling?  Why not look at getting a scientifically backed relationship assessment on the health of your partnership and at the end receive some resources and tools specific to what your relationship requires that you can get started with implementing straight away to work on strengthening your connection.  Click on the link here.

What my clients say

"I feel enlightened after our first session today.  I was not only able to say what I needed to but I felt I was heard and acknowledged. 


It was a huge emotional release that I haven't had previously in our conversations"

Peter & Maryann, Married

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