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Discover How to Develop a Secure, Loving Relationship with Yourself & Your Partner 


Couples & Individual Counselling Redlands & Online

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Create the Life You Hoped For

Perhaps you feel hopeless, worthless, anxious, everything is an effort or so sad that not much can cheer you up.  Life is a struggle and you're going through the motions. 


Perhaps you're tired of the negativity, the constant arguing and feeling like you're never on the same page or you're just like two ships passing silently in the night.  


It's difficult to feel happy right now and you're ready for things to change.

If any of this is your life right now, you don't have to go through it alone. 

How Can I Help You?

Counselling can benefit couples and individuals by helping you to create effective change in both your personal life and your relationships.

Couples Counselling

Do you feel alone, hurt and distanced from your partner?

Do you feel unsupported and like they don't have your back?

You long to feel heard and feel loved the way things used to be in your relationship.

Couples counselling can increase connection with your partner, reduce the negativity and create a relationship that feels safe and supportive.

Individual Counselling

Do you feel stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts or worry and daily events are an effort?

Do you find it difficult to trust, feel unsafe or that you're not good enough?

You want to engage with life and feel connected to yourself and others.

Counselling can help you to move through the pain of the past, develop new perspectives of thinking and help you to believe in yourself and others once again.


Don't suffer alone

Through life counselling, you can:

Address the underlying issues causing you hurt and pain.

Address your vulnerabilities in a safe way to feel heard.

Develop kind and respectful communication in your relationships.

Develop coping strategies to help you feel safe and more engaged with life

Sunset Love

Why See Debra


I've successfully helped countless couples and individuals work through their hurt and create healthier relationships with themselves and their partner.

I'm trained in evidence-based therapies which have been proven to successfully help relationships, trauma, anxiety, depression and chronic illness.

My counselling approach is individually tailored to address your needs so that you can achieve your goals more effectively.

I have specific training in couples counselling that is suited to all couples and helps to resolve issues quickly and effectively


About Debra Bragança

What makes me unique as a counsellor?  I have faced many traumatic events and challenges in my personal life over the years.  My marriage of more than 20 years has also faced many difficulties and the combination of all these life events has enabled me to be in the unique position of better understanding and empathising with my clients who come to see me for both individual concerns and relationship issues. 

Moving through the effects of these traumatic life events and challenges and having a supportive and secure marriage are the driving force behind my decision to do the work I do today and keep me passionate to support you.


My vast lived experience, together with my years of private practice work experience and my ongoing training ensures that I am able to provide you with relevant professional support.  The training I have undertaken is solution-focused and client based.  While not all therapists who work with individuals and couples can say they have had couples training, when you see me you can rest assured that your relationship is in the hands of a therapist who has specific couples training which has scientific research and proven to be successful.


You can access my services in person and Australia-wide with online counselling.

What my clients say

“Since we have been seeing you there have been so many positive changes in our marriage. 
Our high levels of conflict have reduced as we are not escalating as much. 
We are being mindful of one another and more self-aware of how we are responding to each other. 
We feel we are now being heard and understanding each other more.
Thank you for your help, Debra!”

Ann &Carl, Married


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