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Happy Couple

Improving Your
Quality of Life

Most people who attend therapy ultimately want to be happy.  The longer you live the more you come across difficulties and challenges which lead you to feelings of unhappiness and being unable to move out of this keeps you feeling stuck. 


Life counselling and relationship counselling can be the catalyst for positive change in your life.

Anchoring Your Life Counselling is a private practice working with couples and adults to achieve self-healing and growth.  Debra works with evidence-based techniques to help you work through the challenges of relationships, situations and difficult thoughts and feelings that can become overwhelming. 

Everyone is uniquely individual and therefore treatment planning differs depending on the person and their concerns.  Therapies are integrated to best suit you.  Debra has Specific training in couples counselling that is suited to all couple types.


 Located in the Redlands and online Australia-wide. 

Relationship Counselling

Marriage counselling

Couples counselling can increase connection with your partner, reduce the negativity and create a relationship that feels safe and supportive.

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling

Individual counselling can help you to move through the pain of the past, develop new perspectives of thinking and help you to believe in yourself and others once again.


Online counselling

Don't let geography prevent you from accessing the best counsellor for your needs! Online counselling can help you whether seeking for yourself or your relationship.

Debra Braganca
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What Clients Are Saying

5 Star Service

“Since we have been seeing you there have been so many positive changes in our marriage. 
Our high levels of conflict have reduced as we are not escalating as much. 

We are being mindful of one another and more self-aware of how we are responding to each other. 
We feel we are now being heard and understanding each other more.

Thank you for your help, Debra!”

Ann &Carl, Married

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