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Ready To Reconnect 
With Your Partner And With Your Life

But You're Going In Circles?  Let Me Help You

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Relationships face tough times, whether you're struggling with communication, connection or compassion, that's part of sharing your life with someone

If you have experienced the difficulties of trauma, anxiety, depression or illness this can impact your life and your relationship too

Finding yourself or your relationship stuck here can make you feel helpless and alone but there is always a way through

You've taken the first step that's brought you here

Now let me help you discover what makes great relationships work and what you can do to find your way back to a healthier, more reconnected life

For you and your partner


Relationship Counselling


Marriage counselling redlands can increase connection with your partner, reduce the negativity and create a relationship that feels safe and supportive.

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling

Individual life counselling redlands can help you to move through the pain of the past, develop new perspectives of thinking and help you to believe in yourself and others once again.

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What Clients Are Saying

5 Star Service

“Since we have been seeing you there have been so many positive changes in our marriage. 
Our high levels of conflict have reduced as we are not escalating as much. 

We are being mindful of one another and more self-aware of how we are responding to each other. 
We feel we are now being heard and understanding each other more.

Thank you for your help, Debra!”

Ann &Carl, Married

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