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Individual Counselling
Individual counselling can help you to find solutions for that which you can change and acceptance for that which you can't

Counselling Redlands

Individual Counselling Redlands

If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, feeling overwhelmed by your situation and emotions, dealing with traumatic events or major life changes,  going through a chronic or terminal illness, have low self-esteem, are having relationship issues or impacted by loss and grief then acting early and reaching out for professional support can help you to find solutions for the challenges you face or to learn acceptance for that which cannot be changed.

How can Counselling Help You?

Allows you a therapeutic setting to discuss and talk about your problems and feelings in a confidential and non-judgmental environment under the guidance of a trained therapist helping you to come to terms with your thoughts and emotions.

Unravelling and understanding your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and develop coping strategies to break negative patterns that are picked up in session.

Providing you with a catalyst for change as you are opened up to a new perspective and way of thinking.  

Understanding the dynamics in your relationships to establish more effective communication that results in positive outcomes.

How do I Work?

Counselling Redlands

It is understandable that you may feel a little nervous about counselling but my aim is to ensure you feel comfortable and at ease from the minute we meet.  


Your first session will be spent talking a little about what counselling will look like and getting to learn more about what has brought you to therapy.  Counselling works with treating the cause of your issues and not just the symptoms.  To do this, sometimes we need to explore a little bit of the past in order to move you forward to where you want to be.

The most important element to supporting clients is developing a strong therapeutic relationship.  This is achieved through building rapport, openness, respect and trust.  Once the therapeutic relationship is formed, you will feel more inclined to open up emotionally and healing can start to take place.  

Each individual is unique and therefore how I work with you will be unique too.  My training enables me to integrate therapies to match your needs depending on where you are at in each session using a conversational approach rather than clinical.

The overall number of sessions you will need is different for everyone.  It is usually recommended to start with weekly or fortnightly in the beginning and extend these as you progress.  Sessions in person or online are up to 60 minutes.

Costs can understandably be a concern and is often the reason for turning to the mental health care plan.  To understand the impact this may have on you, to determine your eligibility for private healthcare rebates, to review my rates and to make the right decision for yourself, please see my fees.  


"I highly recommend Debra, she was amazing.  I found a Counsellor was much more focused on what you're going through now, more personal and practical"

“I am so happy with where I am now with my social anxiety compared to when I first started seeing you.  I have noticed that my nerves have been at almost zero recently”

“Counselling has helped me learn how to let go of things so I can move on from them”

Counselling can take place in Cleveland or online.