Anchoring Your Life

Cleveland, Brisbane, Australia



Anchoring Your Life Counselling is a Private Practice in Cleveland, Redlands offering sessions at private fees less than the gap payment for services that fall under the Mental Health Care Plan and is a Medibank provider, helping to bring costs down further for you.  If you are a NDIS participant and have therapeutic supports in your plan then your counselling session will be funded by the NDIS.



How does a Mental Health Care Plan work?


If you wish to claim a rebate through Medicare, under a Mental Health Care Plan, you will need to consult your GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician.

Under the Mental Health Care Plan clients may only be referred to a psychologist or social worker.   

The 2018-2019 Recommended Schedule of Fees has set the standard 45 to 60 minute consultation fee at $251 for a psychologist.

Services provided by a general registered psychologist attract a rebate of $86.15

You cannot claim both a private health and Medicare rebate for the same session.

Your gap payment at this recommended fee and rebate is $164.85

How does accessing the Mental Health Care Plan affect myself or my child?

Mental health referrals are listed as a “pre-existing condition” on your medical records. 

Many jobs require you to discuss your past “treatments” and having a referral for a mental condition is not beneficial for those wanting to avoid such issues.

Yes, children who have mental health referrals may have to list this in interviews when they get older and it does prevent accessing some jobs.

Can I access the Mental Healthcare Plan for all concerns?


No, there are only certain conditions that are accessible under the Mental Heath Care Plan.

You cannot access the Mental Health Care Plan for relationship or family therapy.


ANCHORING YOUR LIFE COUNSELLING FEES                                                                                    

Initial 20-Minute Consult                                   Free


Individual Counselling Session                          @ $75

(Online 50-60 minutes)


Individual Counselling Session                          @ $85

(Face to Face 50-60 minutes)

Couples Initial Counselling Session                  @ $155

(Online or Face to Face 75-90 minutes)

Couples Counselling Session                            @ $105

(Online or Face to Face 50-60 minutes)

NDIS Individual Counselling Session                 @ $115

(Online or Face to Face 50-60 minutes)



Available on Request for Individual & Couples Sessions


5% Discount applies for upfront payment of 3 sessions (appointments to be attended within 3 months of payment)

10% Discount applies for upfront payment of 5 sessions (appointments to be attended within 6 months of payment)

5% Discount applies to Health Care Card and Pensioner Card Holders