Counselling Fees



Below you will find information about our Counselling Fees, Medicare and Private Health Insurance



There is a misconception around the Mental Health Care Plan that clients are entitled to free sessions and even more important is the potentially negative impact that doesn't get explained to patients prior to putting them onto the MHCP.  The aim of this is to help you understand how the MHCP works, the costs involved and how it may impact you or your child in the future so that you can make the decision that is right for you.  What you need to know about the MHCP:


  • The MHCP does not entitle you to free sessions.  It entitles you to a Medicare rebate which is equivalent to the amount of approximately $87.45, as at 2019-2020.  The difference between what the Psychologist charges and the Medicare rebate is the gap payment the client is liable for.  The Australian Psychological Society (APS) recommends Psychologists charge a fee of $260 per 50 minute session for individuals, however, Psychologists can set their own fees. 

  • The MHCP is only available for individual counselling.  For relationship/marriage counselling the full fee is payable by the client.  Relationship therapy requires specialised relationship training and unfortunately GP referrals are not always made with this in mind.  

For some, the MHCP may be helpful.  Should you feel that this is not the option you wish to choose for yourself, or your child, it may be better to seek professional support privately, without a Mental Health Care Plan.  


Anchoring Your Life Counselling is a Private Practice and counselling services are offered without the need for a Mental Health Care Plan.  What you need to know about Anchoring Your Life Counselling:

  • Full fees for individual sessions start from $55

  • As there is no need for a Mental Health Care Plan and no rebate being claimed through Medicare, there is no record held on any of your health records.  It is normal to experience difficult emotions and to face challenging life experiences, this does not mean you need to be diagnosed with a 'mental disorder'.

  • Waiting times for an appointment is approximately 1-2 weeks.  

  • Anchoring Your Life Counselling is regulated under the Australian Counselling Association.  Therapies used are adjusted and integrated to suit the needs of the individual or couple.

  •  Full fees for relationship/marriage counselling start from $125 and professional relationship training has been undertaken in Gottman couples therapy. 

If you feel this may be a more suitable option for yourself, or your teenager, you can request an appointment here.



Depending on your private health scheme, you may be eligible for a rebate under Private Health Insurance.    If you are using Private Health Insurance the rebate amount will depend on your particular fund and your level of cover.  Please check with your Provider to determine what you may be entitled to.  Private Health Insurance Providers currently offered by Anchoring Your Life Counselling:

  • Medibank Private

  • ahm

  • Police Health Fund

  • Emergency Services Health

  • St Lukes Health

  • Phoenix Health Fund

  • Doctors Health Fund

  • GU Health


If you are a NDIS participant with the 'Improved Daily Living' category in your plan and are Self or Plan Managed, you may use your funds for Therapeutic Support and access Anchoring Your Life Counselling services with no Gap Payment.  These services are offered at $125 per hour, well below the recommended NDIS rate of $156.16 per hour, to ensure your funds go further.  I am the holder of the following:

  • Blue Card (working with children)

  • Yellow Card (disability worker screening clearance)

  • First Aid certified

  • CPR certified.

Counselling can take place in person in Cleveland or online.