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You may be eligible for a Medicare Rebate for sessions if your GP, Psychiatrist or Paediatrician has referred you on a Mental Health Care Plan.  These sessions entitle you to a rebate for a portion of your consult fee with a Psychologist.  If you are eligible, your initial referral enables you to have 5 - 6 initial appointments with a rebate. Your psychologist will then suggest you see the GP for a review and request a referral for a further 5 - 4 sessions, if further appointments are needed.  A brief progress report must be provided to your referring GP (by your psychologist) for you to be able to obtain additional sessions.  

The Mental Health Care Plan can only be used for certain conditions such as anxiety, depression or bipolar.  It is important to note that once  presented with this plan, the diagnosis will be listed on your medical records as a pre-existing condition for up to 7 years and these records can be accessed by healthcare and government sectors which may negatively impact your application for insurance and employment.  Should you wish to avoid such issues for yourself or your teenagers, it may be better to seek professional support without a Mental Health Care Plan.  Please note that the Mental Health Care plan does not cover relationship/marriage counselling.

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) recommends Psychologists charge $251 per 50 minute session for individuals, which after the Medicare rebate is applied (as at July 2019 this is $86.15), leaves clients with a Gap Payment.  Psychologists can set their own fees. For couples sessions, as there is no Medicare Rebate available, the full amount must be paid by the client.  



Depending on your private health scheme, you may be eligible for a rebate under Private Health Insurance (cannot be used in addition to Medicare).    If you are using Private Health Insurance the rebate amount will depend on your particular fund.  Private Health Insurance Providers currently offered by Anchoring Your Life Counselling are Medibank Private and Doctors Health Care.


If you are a NDIS participant with the 'Improved Daily Living' category in your plan and are Self or Plan Managed, you may use your funds for Therapeutic Support and access Anchoring Your Life Counselling services with no Gap Payment.  These services are offered at fees well below the recommended NDIS rate of $152.95 per hour to ensure your funds go further.  I am the holder of a Blue Card (working with children), Yellow Card (working with vulnerable people), First Aid certified and CPR certified.



While Anchoring Your Life Counselling services can be accessed with or without a Mental Health Care Plan, we do not receive any financial support from the Government and as such, no Medicare rebate can be claimed.  To ensure prices remain affordable, the Medicare rebate has been factored into our pricing and there is no limit on the number of sessions you can access.  Depending on the service required, prices range from $55 - $125 per session.  To find a suitable session and time you can request a booking below: