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Managing Social Anxiety....

There are many different forms of anxiety that affect society today and one of the top five is social anxiety or social phobia. If you find it difficult to present in front of people or attend a social gathering or even just to try something new such as a sport. Whatever the social situation is that makes you anxious, it can be really difficult to manage and oftentimes people will tend to stop doing the things that make them feel anxious. This is not the best way to tackle anxiety as then each social situation will get worse and the anxiety will increase.

There are a few ways you can try that may help you to manage social anxiety:

  • Don’t avoid things. As I mentioned earlier, avoiding situations that make you anxious can actually make matters even worse. It may help in that moment but you will still be anxious the next time a situation arises.

  • Push yourself. We all love our comfort zone and leaving it is not easy but when we start to do the things that make us anxious, the anxiety starts to leave.

  • Practice. Do the things that make you nervous in small steps so, for eg, if you want to join a sports club, try just attending a meeting first (even with a friend)

  • Relax. Finding the things that help you relax will enable your body and mind to learn that it is normal to feel that way and not tense. Try things like yoga, exercising or meditation.

If doing these things feels impossible or you are unsure how to get started then make sure to get in touch with a mental health professional. Anxiety is definitely something you can get help for and learn ways to start managing it.

Be okay

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