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Teenage Counselling

Teenager Counselling Redlands

Teenager Counselling Redlands (15+)


Adolescence is a time of change as teenagers are moving through childhood into adulthood and with this change brings both inner and outer conflicts.  These can be challenging times for both your teen and your family. 

The 2015 Australian Child and Adolescent Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing reports that 1 in 10 adolescents have experienced mental health issues in the past year, whilst 1 in 13 children aged 12 to 17 have seriously contemplated suicide. Of all the Australian kids who reported mental health concerns last year, less than 5% had received appropriate therapeutic support.


If your child is feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, is experiencing troubling or fearful thoughts, low or flat mood, uncontrollable worry or is struggling with low self-esteem and self-worth then acting early and giving them the opportunity to speak to a professional can provide them with the support they need to get through this tough time.  

What are the Benefits of Teen Counselling?

Provides your teenager with a non-judgemental therapeutic setting where their thoughts and worries will be explored, under the guidance of a professional, who can recognise and help to manage any unhelpful thought patterns.  

Helps them with coping strategies to work with the challenges they face or to learn acceptance for the circumstances that cannot be changed. 

Provides them with a more effective way of thinking and reacting to their situation, which in turn has a positive impact on how they feel and behave. 

Offers them a place, under professional guidance, where parents can join sessions for feelings to be heard and needs to be discussed.

How do I Work?

Teenager Counselling Redlands

It is understandable that your teenager and even you may feel a little nervous about counselling but my aim is to ensure you both feel comfortable and at ease from the minute we meet.  


Your first session can be together with your teen or your teen can attend alone from the start.  If you come together, we will spend a few minutes talking about what the session will look like, cover confidentiality and answer any questions you may have while teens have time to settle in and feel comfortable with a parent still present.  After this, the parents often leave to provide teenagers with privacy during therapy.  

The most important element to supporting adolescent clients is developing a strong therapeutic relationship.  This is only achieved through building rapport and trust and for this reason counselling can take a little longer in getting to know the underlying issues concerning your teen.

Just like adults, teenagers are entitled to their privacy and it is imperative that they have a place where they can share without fear of judgement or bias.  For this reason, teenagers are given the same confidentiality in session as adults and information shared is not disclosed to anyone, including parents, unless there is an emergency situation.  Parents who wish to support their children can request a family session with their teen.


The overall number of sessions your teenager will need is different for everyone.   It is usually recommended to start with weekly or fortnightly in the beginning and extend these as your teen progresses.  Sessions in person or online are up to 60 minutes but usually 50 minutes is sufficient.  If you have any questions concerning their ongoing therapy requirements please don't hesitate to ask.

Costs can understandably be a concern for parents and is often the reason for turning to the mental health care plan.  To understand the impact this may have on your teenager, to determine your eligibility for private healthcare rebates, to review my rates and to make the right decision for your teenager, please see my fees. 


"I highly recommend Debra, she is so lovely and will make you feel you're where you're meant to be & completely at ease.  In such a short time my son is now in a good head space"

Mum of Teen Son

“Since coming to see you, we have noticed a big change in her and in such a positive way.  She is opening up and talking more to us about how she is feeling instead of bottling it up and being so angry”

Dad of Teen Daughter

“Thank you so much Debra. She always feels so much better after she has visited you.”

Mum of Teen Daughter

Counselling can take place in person in Cleveland or online

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